View Full Version : Re: Kinesiology in PT curriculum

Susan Eskridge
10-15-1996, 06:21 AM
This is a request for information/opinions on the content of kinesiology
course(s) in a graduate level physical therapy program. I teach at an
entry-level masters program and we are in the process of reviewing our
kinesiology curriculum. We currently have 2 kinesiology courses, the first 2
semester credits and the second 1 semester credit, and the courses are 1
semester apart. Keeping in mind that these students need to learn a great
deal to become PTs in a short amount of time, we need to focus our
priorities. So, I am asking two questions:

1. What should be the emphasis of the curriculum? Biomechanics verses
functional anatomy?

2. A seperate kinesiology course or weave the material through the current
anatomy courses?

Any help you can provide us is greatly appreciated. A summary of responses
will be posted. Thank you.

Susan Eskridge, MS PT
Chapman University, Division of Physical Therapy
Orange, CA 92866