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Maria Augusta Constante Puget
10-15-1996, 08:46 AM
Dear Biomch-Lers:

In the paper: "Optimal Coordination and Control of Posture and
Locomotion" the authors (Rolf Johansson and Mans Magnusson) say:
"...it has not yet been experimentally established whether human stance
and locomotion do indeed obey an optimality principle. One reason this
issue has not been settled would appear to be the few available mathema-
tical results concerning analysis of the optimization problems involved."
I intend to develop an animation system with capabilities to help
in this kind of investigationSo, I would appreciate any help concerning
the following questions:
- Is there already any software tools with such capabilities?
- If someone has any interest in this subject, which are the main
characteristics or facilities do you think such a tool should have?
I would like to know also about other references in this field of
research. The ones I have are:
"The Complete Optimization of a Human Motion" - H. Hatze
"Optimization of Muscle-Force Sequencing in Human Locomotion" -
Pedotti et al
"Studies of Human Locomotion via Optimal Programming"-
Chow and Jacobson

I will post a summary of replies to the list.
Thank you in advance,
Maria Augusta