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unknown user
07-23-1991, 04:44 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L readers,

I recently saw a Meeting Report of the Third Annual International
Symposium on Custom-made Prostheses (held in Oct 1990 - Nice,
France) in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (vol. 73-B, 1991.
p.351). If anyone could supply me with an address whereby I can
obtain a copy of the Proceedings of this conference it would be
greatly appreciated.

Also, if there are any subscribers who are members of the
International Society for the Study of Custom-made Prostheses I
would also like to hear from them with regard to membership
details and publications of a Society newsletter/journal. Perhaps
a brief description of the activities of this Society could be
included on BIOMCH-L for the general information of all readers.

Yours in anticipation,

Timothy Barker
Centre for Medical and Health Physics
Queensland University of Technology
GPO Box 2434