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Paolo De Leva - Sport Biomechanics,rome
10-16-1996, 11:48 PM
Dear Subscribers,

I believe that the ASB offered a wonderful service. Thanks to
G.A. Smith and the ASB officers for making the abstracts available on
their WWW.

The scanned abstracts will be useful as well, provided you
have at least an index of titles from which a surfer can make his
selection before downloading the large graphic file.

Processing the scanned papers with an OCR program for obtaining
text code is of course possible but time consuming. Maybe some kind
subscriber will consider offering his help for doing that either
immediately or later.

Wouldn't some of the authors of the missing papers be so kind as to
send just the text of their paper by e-mail to the ASB? The pictures
will be easily obtained by trimming the scanned image, thus reducing the
graphic file(s) size.

With the kindest regards,

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> Da: Gerald A. Smith
> A: Multiple recipients of list BIOMCH-L
> Oggetto: ASB Abstracts On WWW
> Data: gioved=EC 17 ottobre 1996 3.05
> Colleagues:
> As many biomechanists in North America are heading for Atlanta for
> the American Society of Biomechanics annual meeting, we wish to
> make the papers presented at ASB available more widely than can be
> accomplished with a book of proceedings.
> The abstract submission process this year included an option of
> providing text for placement in an ASB world wide web resource.
> Those files have been formatted into hypertext documents with links
> to graphics files with figures. You can access this resource at
> the following address:
> http://www.orst.edu/dept/HHP/ASB/
> From this page you will find a list of papers (by author) with
> links to the abstracts and figures. Unfortunately, the current
> abstract database is not a complete record of what will be
> presented this week in Atlanta--many authors chose not to submit
> text files for placement online.
> In future years, we intend to have a complete set of ASB abstracts
> online for each conference. For this year, we are discussing
> whether to complete the database by scanning the missing abstracts
> and provide them as graphics files. This approach has some
> disadvantages compared to formatted html files--they would be
> approximately 150 to 200 k in length per page and would certainly
> be much slower in downloading than the small html formatted
> abstracts.
> Would this format of providing the abstracts simply be too slow in
> downloading to be useful? We would appreciate some suggestions and
> your opinions about such web resources.
> Please send your suggestions and comments about the ASB abstracts
> to me or to the ASB officers.
> Regards,
> Gerald Smith
> Biomechanics Lab
> Oregon State University
> Corvallis, Oregon
> 541-737-5928
> smithg@ccmail.orst.edu
> http://www.orst.edu/Dept/HHP/FACULTY/SMITH.HTML