View Full Version : Simulation of standing posture

Niklas Carlsson
10-17-1996, 06:12 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm a master's student (engineering) currently involved in a small
project at Monash University in Clayton, Victoria, Australia. The project
has to do with analysis of postural sway during quiet, unperturbed
stance, and I'm also investigating the possibility of simulating that.

I have done some research and managed to dig various papers from various
journals containg reports on different kinds of models, but all that I've
managed to find involve perturbed stance.

I wonder, is there anyone out there that knows of a way (preferably
documented) to simulate quiet unperturbed upright stance? I started out
imagining a set of differential equations mimicking the system, and
simulation involving setting up a set of initial conditions and then
integrating away. The usual input/output model is a bit tricky because of
the trouble of identifying any input signal.

Grateful for any answers
/Niklas Carlsson
Technical University of Denmark, but currently...
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
Clayton Campus, Monash University