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Kevin W. Hayes
10-17-1996, 11:23 PM
From: Hayes, Kevin W.
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Subject: Updated Position Posting

Hello again,

I recently put a position posting on the list. It has come to my attention
that the position is a timed contract. They are not sure how long of a
contract at this point. I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
I am reposting it with the correction below. Thank you for you patience and
for all the replies we have received.

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The Human Factors/Ergonomics group of Delphi Interior and Lighting Systems
of Warren, MI is seeking applicants for a contract position. The position
requires a M.S. in mechanical engineering or engineering mechancis and a
minimum of two years working with dynamic and static non-linear finite
element analysis of automotive components. Knowledge of tissue biomechanics
and/or tissue FE modeling and a working knowledge of analysis and modeling
software, DYNA 3D, ABAQUS, PATRAN, or Hypermesh is required.

The engineer will be required to develop a FEA model for a seat system which
subsequently may be used to determine seat/occupant and seat/tissue pressure
distribution, load deflection, vibration, and occupant kinematics.

Please send your resume detailing your work and software experiences,
relevant publications, etc. in this field to:

Sanchita Singhal
Mail Code: W-3
Delphi Interior and Lighting Systems
6600 E. 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48092

Phone: (810) 986-0485
Fax: (810) 986-7292

Kevin W. Hayes
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