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Larry Lawhorn
10-20-1996, 10:41 PM
10/21/96 Ron Rumm wrote:
> We would like to moniter the mobility and movement of the lower arm - it
>wuold seem quite straight forward to do this using an adjustable - jointed -
>pivoted frame with a potentiometer at the joint. after calibration the the
>angular displacement of the joint could be easily read - i can't imagine
>that others havn't used this approach, if you aware of a design for the
>frame and are able to provide a reference or any other information it would
>be most appreciated.
>thank you
>ron rumm / perigee
I have seen a "frame" type device for the hip-knee-ankle (bilaterally) using
3 potentiometers (at each joint) to track 3 degrees of freedom (at each
This work was done (related to FES ambulation) by Uros Bogataj at the Josef
Stefan Institute in Ljubljana Slovenia. I will echo your original message to
him. Let's see if he has a moment to respond! His work is published in
several journals, a Medline search should locate it, look for: FES, lower
and Micro-FES. Also, you can check out his web site at:
BTW: where are you writing from?