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Fang Xing
10-21-1996, 01:23 AM
Dear Subscribers,

Our Institute has a set of CYBEX 6000, the parameter*s data saved in
*.rbf *,.cmd and *.bbf format. The collected data saved in sub of
\cybex\report\*.* and \cybex\testdata\*.* .Does anyone know the format
of *.rbf, .*cmd ,*.bbf and format of file of \cybex\report\*.* and
\cybex\testdata\*.*? And who has the software to translate the file of
*.rbf*s .*cmd ,*.bbf and the collected file of \cybex\report\*.*,
\cybex\testdata\*.* to *.dbf file or *.txt file?

Thank you all in advacce.

Xing Fang

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