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Dr. Ranu Jung
10-22-1996, 09:47 PM
(Graduate Research Assistantship)

Experimental and Computational Neuroscience Lab.
Center for Biomedical Engineering
University of Kentucky

Dynamical Systems
Neural circuitry for pattern generation

This position is part of a project funded by The Whitaker
Foundation that is directed at examining the dynamical interaction
between the brain and the spinal cord in the control of locomotion.
The project involves experimental and computational studies with
sub-projects for: 1) characterization of the intrinsic variability in the
fictive locomotor rhythm obtained in in vitro brain-spinal cord
preparations of the lamprey, 2) investigation of the role of the
feedforward-feedback loop between the brain and the spinal cord in
short- and long term control of locomotion (changes in stability
states, responses to perturbations), and 3) mathematical model
development (biophysically motivated neural networks for the central
pattern generator for swimming) and analysis of the models using
techniques from dynamical systems theory. The analysis of
experimental data will include development of novel signal processing
methods and use of techniques from nonlinear systems analysis. The
project will be conducted at the Experimental and Computational
Neuroscience Laboratory at the Center for Biomedical Engineering.
In addition to ties within the Center the laboratory collaborates with
members of the Department of Electrical Engineering and the
Department of Physiology. The position is available for up to three
years for graduate work beginning January 1997.

Applications, including CV and names of two references, may be sent
to Dr. Ranu Jung by email(jung@pop.uky.edu), by FAX(606-257-1856) ,
or by postal mail to

Ranu Jung, Ph.D.
21 Wenner Gren Research Laboratory
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0070.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Dr. Jung by email or
telephone (606-257-5931).

Information about other neuroscience related research being conducted
at the Center can be obtained from the web at the URL

Details about the University of Kentucky and the Center for
Biomedical Engineering can be obtained on the web at
http://www.uky.edu; http://www.uky.edu/RGS/CBME.

The University of Kentucky is located in the rolling hills of the
Bluegrass Country and has a diverse campus. The Center for
Biomedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary center in the Graduate
School. We have strong ties to the Medical Center and the School of

Ranu Jung, Ph.D. email:jung@pop.uky.edu
Center for Biomedical Engineering phone:606-257-5931
Wenner-Gren Research Lab. fax: 606-257-1856
University of Kentucky http://www.uky.edu/RGS/CBME/jung.html
Lexington, KY 40506-0070