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Zbigniew Waskiewicz
10-22-1996, 10:26 PM
I am researcher at Motor Behaviour Department where we have
quite interesting measuring device. It is Physio-Recorder from
Vienna Test System produced by Schuhfried (Austria). I would like to
ask anybody to help me with two special parameters, which I
can measure, connected strongly with biomechanics.
First one is respiratory and it allows to measure following
1. abdominal respiration graph
2. abdominal respiration amplitude - depth of abdominal respiration
3. respiration time - the lenght of single inspirations
4. thoracic respiration
5. thoracic respiration amplitude (as above).
The measurements of circumferences is based on the principle of
distance measuring by ultra-sound.
Second parameter is called MOT (I suppose from "motility")
and records mevements by the test subject by means of an acceleration
sensors. This sensor consists of piezoelectric acceleration meter and
an integrated pre-amplifier.
So if any of has some experiences with this two parameters or
if knows about some experiments provided with this device please
inform me. I would like to avoid making the mistakes and repeating
the experiments.
I would be very grateful and of course if anyone would
be interested I can post the summary of all responses.

Dr Zbigniew Waskiewicz
Academy of Physical Education
Department of Motor Behaviour
Poland, 40-065 Katowice
72A Mikolowska Street
e-mail: waskie@oin.awf.katowice.edu.pl