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Larry Lawhorn
10-26-1996, 10:32 PM
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We would like to moniter the mobility and movement of the lower arm - it
would seem quite straight forward to do this using an adjustable - jointed -
pivoted frame with a potentiometer at the joint. after calibration the the
angular displacement of the joint could be easily read - i can't imagine
that others havn't used this approach, if you aware of a design for the
frame and are able to provide a reference or any other information it would
be most appreciated.

thank you
ron rumm / perigee

Hello Larry,
The goniometers that we use are (were) commercialy available product -
Triax, USA. I myself never worked on upper extremity so I would not have
any suggestions for Ron. As you know we now use an optical tracking
system, which would be quite appropriate for Ron's application. It is,
however, quite complicated and extremely expensive. I forwarded your 3
e-mails to my associate Andreja Umek-Venturini (andreja.umek@ijs.si),
who is working her Ph.D. on upper extremity mobility problems. I hope
she will respond to Ron.


Jozef Stefan Institute,
Biocybernetics Lab,
in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia.