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Rafael F. Escamilla
10-29-1996, 02:41 PM
Hi Lisa,

A book chapter written by myself and my colleagues may be of help to you,
as well as the references at the end. It is entitled "Biomechanics of
Throwing" (Glenn S. Fleisig, Rafael F. Escamilla, James R. Andrews), Chapter
17, pages 332-353, in Athletic Injuries and Rehabilitation
(eds. James E. Zachazewski, David J. Magee, & William S. Quillen), W.B.
Saunders Company, 1996. Contact me directly if you have additional
questions. Good Luck!!

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Rafael Escamilla
Physical Education & Kinesiology Dept.
Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, John Dickinson wrote:

> Friends,
> I am a student in Ontario, Canada studying human anatomy, physiology and
> biomechanics. I am required to submit a portfolio on a sport specific
> movement. I have chosen to study the pitching throw in baseball. I have
> to analyze the muscle sequence and joint movement. However, there is
> little to no information on this topic. If anyone can help or point me in
> the right direction, please contact me at dickins@pathcom.com
> Thanks,
> Lisa