View Full Version : Smoothing Data

Dave Rath
10-30-1996, 01:05 AM
Dear Biomch-l'ers:

We are currently using an Electromagnetic tracking device to collect
about 1200 data points. (linear in time)

We wish to use LabVIEW 3.1.1 to analyze these outputs.

Currently, the data is "noisy" and needs to be filtered or smoothed
in some way. Our difficulty is that with certain filters,
specifically the Butterworth filter, there
are edge effects that distort the data until the filter settles down.

For our specific application, this is unacceptable.

Does there exist a low-pass filter that can interpret edge effects

Or alternatively, (even preferably) is there a "smoothing" function which
would be able to "smooth out" our data?

Thanks in advance.

Dave Rath
Graduate Student
Musculoskeletal Research Lab
St. Joseph's Health Centre
London, Ontario, CANADA
(519) 646-6000 x.5279