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10-31-1996, 03:14 AM

In order to contribute valuable information to an ongoing project entitled
"Designing for Women" in Loughborough University, England; could you
please send me your experiences with unsuccessful designs for women.Two
important points:

1. You do not have to be a woman to reply this request. An
observation or a complaint by a female friend/partner or
mother/sister/daughter will be equally valuable.

2. Although the research takes place in the Department of Computer
Studies,this is an enginering design project, looking at the mistakes made
at different design stages and not limited by any discipline whatsoever.
The complaints could be professional/domestic or examples of
medical/industrial design/enginering design. It could be designs for
public/private usage. It could be high-tech/old fashioned/purely
mechanical/electrical/ etc. etc. any kind of design. It could be -so
called- unisex design or design for women only. It can even be *lack* of
design in a specific area.

Please send your replies to S.Acar@lboro.ac.uk or write or fax to me to
the address below. I would be happy to send a summary of the replies if
anyone is particularly interested.

Thank You

Serpil Acar

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