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Murphy Norman
12-03-1996, 02:36 AM
Dear Users,

You will find in this e-mail a summary of replies that I received regarding the
following posting:

A colleage of mine who does not have access to e-mail asked me to post the
following. His son is currently completing his high school education and
plans to pursue his career in the area of orthotics and prosthetics. Father is
searching for potential schools, colleges and universities where he can send
his son so that he may pursue his career plans. Although that my colleage
and his family live in Quebec City, Canada, they are interested in academic
institutions across Canada and the USA. Since they have been able to
locate only one college who offers a program in orthotics and prosthetics
(located in Laval, across the river from Montreal), I seek your help in
locating other institutions which offer a degree in orthotics and prosthetics.
I would appreciate receiving the names and addresses of other institution
as well as a contact person and his/her correspondance.

I will post the information forwarded (e-mailed) to me.


Norman Murphy, Ph.D.


The replies received are presented below.
I extend my appreciation and gratitude to all those who responded.


From: "Jennifer Scot Dikeman"

Try looking at the BME net homepage on the web. It has a great listing
Biomedical Engineering programs and contacts for specific concentrations.
The address is:
From: s.perry@utoronto.ca (Stephen Perry)

There is a program in Toronto at George Brown College, with the
practical labs at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre. The director of the
program is

Dan Blocka
SCIL wing, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
2075 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Stephen D. Perry
Research Biomechanist, PhD candidate
Centre for Studies In Aging
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M5
Work Tel: (416) 480-5858
Fax: (416) 480-5856
e-mail: s.perry@utoronto.ca
WWW: http://www.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca:8080/~csia/gen_info/perry.html
From: "Ted A. Trower"

For starters go to :

This site list several schools in the US an Europe with web sites.

The ABC registry lists the following accredited schools in the USA. Only
school with training at the practicitioner level are listed, not technician

California State University
1000 East Victoria St.
Dominguez Hills
Carson,CA 90747

Northeast Metro Technical College
3300 Century Avenue, North
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Northwestern University Medical School
O & P Center
345 East Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60611-4496

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital
Orthotics Dept.
7450 Leeds St.
Downey, CA

University of Texas School of Allied Health Sciences
O & P Dept.
6011 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75235-9091

University of Washington
School of Medicine
Division of O & P
Seattle, WA 98195

Newington Certificate Program
181 East Cedar Street
Newington, CT 06111

Contact each school to determine the nature of their program and especially
their requirements for admission. They do vary rather widely. Some are
post-graduate certificate programs, some are undergraduate degree

Ted A. Trower C.P.
E-Mail - ted@amputee.com
From: "Robert Streb [Health Technology]"

It seems to me that mosts call it p & o (not o&p). Off the top of my head
NYU (in new york city)

Bob Streb
Department of Physical Therapy
Health Science Center
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, New York 11794-8201
fax 516-444-7621
e-mail rstreb@epo.hsc.sunysb.edu
From: Avriel Adler

I have just finished a tour of O & P schools because we are setting one up
in Jerusalem. The first and one of the best I think was George Brown College
in Toronto, Northwestern University in Chicago has a program for holders
of BA degrees and should be looked into it is the oldest and close indeed to
the best. U of Washington has a program White bear lake in Minisota.
Domingus Hills in Calif. and u of Texas at Dallas. I am posting this in haste
so excuse the spelling and punctuation.

Tuvia Ariel

THE JERUSALEM INSTITUTE Tel: (972) 2 354-024
OF REHABILITATION FAX: (972) 2 353-925
Mail: 111 Agripas Street
T.C. Ariel, Director Jerusalem, Israel
Email Arieltuv@Brachot.jct.ac.il
From: Brian L Daniels

Check out the Orthotics and Prosthetics homepage on the www at
//OandP.com/ they have a page dedicated to programs in orthotics and
prosthetics. One thing to note is that most programs in the U.S. (I believe
there is only 5 or 6) accept only 12 applicants a year. To ensure a spot your
son should get some exposure to the field as soon as possible (volunteer
work is usually a good start). The school with the best reputation (to my
knowledge) is Northwestern University located near Chicago, Illinois.
From: "Mark K. Taylor, C.P.O."

The Orthotics & Prosthetics National Office has a phamplet entitled: YOU,
Can Make a Difference in People's Lives- Become an Orthotist or
Prosthetist. You can receive this brochure by contacting the national office
at. Orthotics & Prosthetics National Offices, 1650 King St.,
Suite 500, Alexandria, VA 22314. (703) 836-7114 Fax-(703)
836-0838. or send us an mailing address and some of this information
can be sent directly from our program.
From: P Zioupos

There is a very good institution in the UK for this kind of studies and I
would strongly recommend it. It is the National Institute for Prosthetics and
Orthotics (the first one to award BScs in this subject in the UK) of the
University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK. It is worth sending your son to
this Unit and perhaps from there he can progress into a research career in
bioengineering studies; the famous Bioengineering Unit of the Univ. of
Strathckyde is situated just across the road in the same street in Glasgow.

Peter Zioupos, PhD
Biology, York, UK.
From: Cyril Chaput

I believe you have to look at the engineering schools and university in
Montreal (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole de Technologie Superieure & McGill
Univ.). They perform biomechanical researches close to the orthotics &
prosthetics field, however there is no B.Sc. program specific to
biomechanics, orthotics & prosthetics. You need to first graduate in
mechanical engineering or biomedical engineering, then to specialize
yourself through graduate studies close to orthotics & prosthetics.

At the Ecole Polytechnique, they are involved in biomechanical or postural
works and in prosthetics (hand) and have a large spectra in terms of
projects. They also collaborate with the Institut de Rehabilitation in
Montreal. (see Institut de Genie Biomedical or Mechanical Engineering -Pr.
J. Dansereau- at Ecole Polytechnique, or Ecole de Technologie Superieure -
Dr. J. DeGuise-) You may also contact the Association Quebecoise des
Fabricants de l'Industrie Medicale (AQFIM) where they have
representatives of the Orthotics & Prosthetics compagnies.

But, it also depends on the level of education or specialization you desire.

Cyril Chaput Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering Dept.
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
P.O. Box 6079, Station Centre-Ville

Tel: (514) 340-4689
Fax: (514) 340-4159
e-mail: chaput@chimie.polymtl.ca
From: John Sidles

The University of Washington in Seattle has a Prosthetics program.

Call (206) 548 4025 or (206) 548 4026

I believe this is a degree-granting program.
From: mle@nwu.edu (Mark Edwards)

Your friend can call 312-908-8006 and request information about our post-
graduate certificate program in both prosthetics and orthotics.

You can also access our web page at the address listed below. There are
links to the other university programs on our page.

Mark Edwards, C.P.
Director, Prosthetics Education
Northwestern University Prosthetic-Orthotic Center
From: Gail Frost

George Brown College in Toronto offers a program in P & O, I'm
almost certain. I don't have any more information than that unfortunately,
but hopefully that's a start.

Gail Frost Tel: (905) 525 9140 X23589
Department of Kinesiology Fax: (905) 523 6011
McMaster University
1280 Main Street
Hamilton, Ontario
From: Elaine Little

My name is Elaine Little and I am a Physiotherapist who specializes in
amputee care. The prosthetists that I have worked with attended George
Brown College in Toronto. I do not have the mailing address but it would
be available in any secondary listing at a library. The is another school out
west which only offers the course on alternate years - this is at UBC (I
think). To specialize in the area of amputee care, I attended a course at
North Western University in Chicago. North Western has a Masters
Program in the area of Prosthetics. I hope this is of some help.
From: Dave

Here is the latest list of O&P schools here in the US that I have. Please note
that a Bachelor of Science Degree starts as unspecified Health, and then the
specialization usually starts in the Junior year. A long term certificate
requires that the applicant have a year of experience in a facility, a
Bacheloriate Degree and the required pre-requisites satisfied.For the
Newington Program, I believe that Robb is the director, but am not sure of
that or the spelling of his last name!


Level of programs are indicated by:
(1) Bachelor of Science Degree
(2) Long Term Certificate Program
(3) Technician Program

California State University Dominguez Hills (1,2) Scott Hornbeak, CPO
1000E Victoria Street Director
Carson, CA 90747 (310)516 3818

Newington O&P Systems (2)
Robb Lipshifts (?)
181 East Cedar Street
Newington, CT 06111
(203) 667-5360

Northeast Metro Technical College (2,3) Kenneth Chagnon, CPO
3300 Century Ave North Lead Instructor
White Bear Lake, MN 55110 (612) 770-2351

Northestern University Medical School (2) May Cotterman, PT
Orthotic/Prosthetic Center Assistant Director
345 East Superior Street (312) 908-8006
Chicago, IL 60611

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital (2) Darrell Clark, CO
Orthotics Department Director
7450 Leeds Street (310) 940 7655
Downey, CA 90242

University of Texas (1) Susan Kapp, CP
School of Allied Health Services Director
Orthotics & Prosthetics Dept. (214) 688-2880
6011 Harry Hines, Blvd
Ste V.5.100
Dallas, TX 75235-9091

University of Washington (1) Alan Dralle, CPO
School of Medicine Director
Division of O&P (206) 548-4025

From: Heidi Sveistrup

I also have a student interested in O&P. We were able to locate a school in
the Toronto area (A community college - I am not sure of the name -
something like George Brown?). I will ask the student for the information
when I next see him (Thursday).
From: mmc128@mail.usask.ca

I just wrote to you about the PGDIP program in Glasgow, but I forgot to
include my contact person at that institute. It is: Annette Hepburn
Administrative Officer
Curran Building
University of Strathclyde
email: Annette.Hepburn@strath.ac.uk
I apoligize that with was not included in my previous message.
Michele Cowan
From: "Celeste Combs (RhoTech)"

University of Washington, one of the best biomedical engineering programs
in the country works in prosthetics. This school also received top ranking
for medical school as well.
Contact: Bioengineering Dept. (primarily graduate programs though, but
they might be able to help)
Professor Contact: Dr. Joan Sanders (she could probably help as well).
Area code for Seattle are is (206) information is 555-1212

You might write to the following schools for information and an application:

Prosthetics Certificat Program
SHC A-141
1000 East Victoria Street
Carson, California 90747

Mrs. Debra Peiffer
Admissions Coordinatio
Newington Certificate Program
181 E. Cedar Street
Newington, CT 06111

Karen Olson
Northeast Metro Technical College
3300 Century Avenue North
White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Northwestern University
Prosthetics-Orthotic Center
345 East Superior Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Danny Too, Ph.D. Phone: (702)-895-4875
University of Nevada Las Vegas Fax: (702)-895-4231
4505 Maryland Parkway E-mail: dtoo@nevada.edu
Las Vegas, NV 89154-3034
From: mmc128@mail.usask.ca

I have recently received some information about the O&P programs from
the University of of Strathclyde in Glasgow. They offer a degree program
and a post graduate diploma program (PGDIP) in O&P. I was more
interested in the PGDIP since I already have a degree in Anatomy and am
currently working on my Master's in Biomedical Engineering at the
University of Saskatchewan.
In short, the PGDIP is a distance learning program (approx. 1 yr) which
requires two one-week practical sessions at their institute throughout they
ear. In the brochures and info. that have received, I have yet to find the
'certification level' that is alloted after completion of this program. I
feel it is important to ask the institutions about their certification
levels, as it may become pertinent when applying for jobs. I, myself, am not
clear on the certification details in the "O&P world".
I would appreciate being forwarded any information you receive with
to schools offering O&P programs, certification levels offered by these
institutes or any certification clarifications at all. Thank-you in advance and

Michele Cowan
email: mmc128@mail.usask.ca
From: SDLBCPO@aol.com

He may contact the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and
Prosthetics in Alexandria Virginia at (703) 836-7114 for all the information
available on O&P schools in the USA.
From: "Bill Doiron"

You might contact my colleague Dr. Pouran Faghri
(faghri@uconnvm.uconn.edu) and request information from her regarding
the certificate program in O&P offered cooperatively by our school annd the
Newington Children's Hospital. This program requires a completed
baccalaureate degree I believe but it might be one approach they have not

Bill Doiron, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Health Promotion
School of Allied Health Professions, U-101
University of Connecticut
358 Mansfield Road
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-2101
Phone: 860-486-1992 / 860-486-2495
FAX: 860-486-1588
From: kinpel@MEM.po.com

suggest you contact american board for certification in o&p @ 1650 king
street,suite 500 alexandria,va. 22314-2747 phone (703) 836-7114 fax # (703)
836-0838 good luck!
From: "d "

For a list of NCOPE (National Commission on Orthotics &
Prosthetics Education) accredited schools offering bachelor's degrees
and/or certificate programs in O&P, may i suggest you contact the

American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics
1650 King Street Ste. 500
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2747

phone: (703) 836-7114
From: sscott@cabler.cableregina.com (Steve Scott)

There are three institutions offering programs in Prosthetics and Orthotics
in Canada. Howerver, I only have addresses and contact people for the two
that are accredited by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetists
and Orthotists ( the governing body of the profession in Canada.) They are
George Brown College and the British Coloumbia Institute of Technology,
the contacts are as follows:

Daniel Blocka, C.O.(c), F.C.B.C. William J. McGuiness, C.P.O.(c)
George Brown College c/o BCIT
at Sunnybrook Centre for Prosthetics/Orthotics Program
Independent Living 3700 Willingdon Ave.
2075 Bayview Avenue Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2
North York, ON M4N 3M5 Bus: (604) 432-8813
Bus: (416) 480-4210 Fax: (604) 430-5443

Steve Scott, C.P.(c)
From: Enzerink@aol.com

Just a consideration: has your friend's son considered a more general
undergraduate degree? It seems in my experience hiring people (at various
orthopedics, not orthotics firms) that we were generally more likely to hire
people with undergraduate degrees in mechanical engineering, than
something such as bioengineering or orthotics. This is also the case at
Hayes Medical.
The reason is that a degree in mechanical engineering gives a better
understanding of tools to do a multitude of tasks. Electives can be chosen
with an eye toward orthotics applications. Specific applications can be
learned, either on-the-job or in a graduate program.

Finally, a more general degree will allow the chap more opportunities when
he graduates, thus increasing his chance of obtaining satisfying
Maybe he doesn't want to hear this and is very sure of his future career
plans at a very young age. Much success to him, in any case!

Robert Enzerink
Vice President
Hayes Medical Consulting
819 Striker Ave., Ste 10
Sacramento, CA 95834
From: Heidi Sveistrup

As promised, the name of the school in Toronto is George Brown
Community College. Apparently the students have a choice of a 2-year
program (allowing them on graduation to construct orthotics & prosthetics)
or continuing and completing a 4-year program (allowing them on
graduation to measure clients and design orthotics & prosthetics

From: "Ed Biden (BioMed)"

There are very few prosthetics schools in Canada. George Brown College
would be the next one after laval. It is in Toronto. Students generally enter
after they have a degree in hand. You should contact them to find out if
there are preferences as to background.

Ed Biden
Director, Institute of Biomedicla Engineering
University of New Brunswick
From: DQWU38A@prodigy.com (MR REESE L EVANS)

There is a list available of all NCOPE and CAAHEP accredited
educational programs on page 303 of registry printed by ABC!!! It is very
complete! If can't get your hands on one I will type briefly to programs and
contacts if you want. By the way Stephanie Langdon is no longer the
educational coordinator at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital my alma mater.

Reese Evans
Phoenix Arizona
From: Mel Gillen

I know of three schools that offer courses that are accepted by the
American Board of Certification (ABC) in orthotics and prothetics.

New York U., Northwestern U (Chicago), and the U. of Washington I
think has the best program.

All three of theese schools can be found on the WEB through various
search engines. Try a Prosthetic Research search in EXCITE.

Mel Gillen (RTPO)
From: Louise A Gilchrist

Another Canadian school: George Brown College in Toronto. Its been
around a while and seems to have a good reputation.

Louise Gilchrist
Department of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science
SUNY at Buffalo
405 Kimball Tower
Buffalo, NY 14214
ph: 716-829-2941 ext 102
From: debbie

As a recent U.S. graduate of an O&P program I can help you. The
school I went to was U.T. Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas , Tx.
This school may be a little to far south for the young man that you spoke
about in your e-mail. Here are the other schools that I know about:
Northwestern University (Illnois, U.S.), University of Washington
(Washington, U.S.), New York University NYU (NewYork, U.S), I also
believe there is a school in California some where. Some of these programs
are for B.S. degrees, others require that you have a B.A. or B.S. before
entering their school. There is a world wide web site that would be good for
you and your friends son to vist- providing you have access to an internet
service in the U.S.. It is as follows: http://www.oandp.com/index.htm
On this web page there is a listing of all the U.S. schools for O&P with a
direct e-mail service so that you can send and request information about
each of them. I hope I have been of some help to you and your son's friend.
I would like to offer a piece of advice to your son's friend. O&P is a field
for someone who has had previous contact with other O&P proffessionals.
The best thing the young man could do is to spend time at a local facility to
make sure this is what he wants to do. O&P requires a great deal of inner
interest, commitment and personal motivation. I wish you luck in your
search for answers and all of your endevors! Sincerly, Debra Auten

Board Eligible Prosthetist/Orthotist
From: dan945@ix.netcom.com (Daniel India)

I am in product sales with Motion Analysis Corporation and my nephew
asked my for guidance three years ago and my repsonse was as follows:

Seek out a school with a Strong engineering campus, mechanical and
bioengineering with a tie to a medical school with orthopedics. Get to know
the medical school people by inquiring and then get a part time job some
how. His goal was to be a prosthetist.
Results where: attended Univ of Illinois Champaign Enginnering
Rehabiliation Curriculum. Sought Summer jobs in Chicago at the medical
centers. and now taking his MCATs for MEdical school either at LOyola
MEdical or NorthWestern in Chicago.

Univesity of Montreal has a good school and a Dr. Paul Allard may give
direction or guidance.

Dan India
Motion ANalysis Corporation
From: Ramona Okumura

the http site to the U of W Bacalaureate program is listed below. we are in
the process of modifying our application and curriculum description, so
check it later on also. the current description will give you an idea of what
our courses and requirements are:


Ramona M. Okumura, CP
Lecturer, Division Prosthetics Orthotics
Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, #356490
School of Medicine
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195 USA
FAX (206)548-4761
From: David Boone

There are five main P&O education programs in the U.S> B.S. degree
courses at the U. of Washington in Seattle, U of Texas at Dallas and
California State Univ. at Dominguez Hills (L.A.) There are also non degree
programs at Northeast Metro Tech in Minneapolis and Northwestern
University in Chicago. The Universiy of StrathClyde, Glasgow Scotland and
Salford University in Manchester Englad also have well regarded programs.

David Boone CP
Prosthetics Research Study
720 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: (206) 328-3116
FAX: (206) 325-3607
e-mail: dboone@u.washington.edu
From: Hugh Magen

i do not know contacts, but california state university-dominguez hills, near
los angeles, has a prosthetics engineering undergrad program.
From: Ira Schoenwald

The National Office has a brochure of all of the accredited School and
programs with phone numbers. NCOPE National Commission on Orthotic
and Prosthetic Education may also have the brochure. The phone number is
703-836-7114, Fax 703-836-0838 at 1650 King Street Suite 500, Alexandria, VA

Ira Schoenwald, Ph.D.
California State University, Dominguez Hills
From: Dan Blocka

There are only two accredited clinical programs in Orthotics and
Prosthetics in Canada - Clinical Methods in Orthotics & Prosthetics which is
located at the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in Toronto and run via
George Brown College and the Prosthetics/Orthotics program at the British
Columbia Institute of Technology. Graduates of these two programs are
eligible to become Certified Orthotists & Prosthetists in Canada under the
auspicies of the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetists &
Orthotists (CBCPO). To practise and assess and fit patients/clients who
require these particular devices you must be certified in almost every
province except Quebec. The school in Laval (college montmorency) lost its
national accreditation due to its inability to meet minimal requirements set
by the CBCPO, therefore their graduates are not eligible to enter an
internship (post graduation - work for 2 years under the direction of another
certified practitioner then you can sit the exams) and cannot get certified.

In conjunction with the Clinical Program in Toronto at Sunnybrook there is
also a Technicians Program that focusses on the training of techniques
utilized in the fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic devices. It is a two
year (full-time) program with the minimal requirments being a graduate of at
least grade 12 in Ontario with credits in Physics and Biology. We have students
from right across the country who are all ranges of ages and backgrounds
(high school, college and university grads, mature students changing
careers, etc.). Twenty five are picked for the first year class.
Back to the clinical programs - our program here is a post-graduate program
whereby only those who have completed a university degree (usually in a
related area such as kinesiology, engineering, etc., or those who have
completed the 2 year technical program are eligible to apply. We pick only 8
students a year from about 80+ applicants from across the country. The
selection involves a 2 1/2 hr admissions test and then we only interview the
top 25 for the 8 positions. The program at BCIT in Burnaby picks 10
students every other year and have positions reserved by province (due to
the way the program is funded). The pick 6 from BC, 2 from Alberta and 2
from Saskatchewan. The following is the address & phone numbers for their
William J. McGuiness, C.P.O.(c)
c/o B.C.I.T.,
Prostheics/Orthotics Program,
3700 Willingdon Ave.,
Burnaby, BC., V5G 3H2
604-432-8813 (b) 604-430-5443 (fax)

The US schools are a story in themselves also. They have degree programs
that are 4 years in length with the last two years of the programs having a
strong focus in prosthetics/orthotics while the first two years are your
typical onslaught of more generalized courses that are required to meet
the particular schools degree prerequisites. They also have Certificate
programs which are more short term training programs in either Prosthetics
or Orthotics. The requirement for these programs is a baccalaureate degree
usually with related work experience being helpful. Many students in these
particular programs are sponsored by various Prosthetic and/or Orthotic

The following is a list of US schools and their addresses/phone #'s

Baccalaureate Programs:
University of Texas
Health Science Center at Dallas,
School of Allied Sciences
Prosthetic-Orthotic Dept.,
5323 Harry Hines Boul.
Dallas, Texas, USA, 75235-9096
phone 214-688-3611

Univeristy of Washington
School of Medicine,
Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Division of Prosthetics & Orthotics,
BB 919 Health Sciences Building,
Box 356490,
Seattle, Washington, 98195-6490
206-543-3600 fax 206-685-3244

California State University - Dominquez Hills
Orthotics/Prosthetics Dept.,
Health Sciences Dept.,
1000 E. Victoria
Carson, California 90747

Certificate Programs:

in orthotics only:
Rancho Los Amigos Medical Centre,
Orthotic Dept.,
7450 Leeds St., Downey, Calif., 90242

(I think it has both a degree and certificate programs)
Northeast Metro Technical Institute,
Orthotics & Programs Training Program,
3300 Century Ave. N.,
White Bear Lake, Minnesota, 55110

Northwestern University Medical School,
Prosthetic-Orthotic Center,
345 East Superior, 17th Floor,
Chicago, Illinois, 60611,

Some of theses addresses may not be totally correct. To obtain more info on
the profession in the US contact there head office at:
1650 King St., Suite 500, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314
703-836-7114 fax 703-836-0838

There are many issues with someone being educated in the US who is from
Canada such as - tuition costs, eligibility to be certified in Canada,

Dan Blocka, B.Sc., C.O.(c), F.C.B.C.,
Prosthetic & Orthotic Programs
c/o SCIL, 2075 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ont. CANADA, M4N 3M5
416-480-5783 fax 416-480-5975 E-mail - dblocka@gbc.gbrownc.on.ca
From: sorger@bioeng.ucsd.edu (Jonathan Michael Sorger)

I'm finishing up my undergraduate education at the University of California,
San Diego... they've got an excellent bioengineering program that teaches
the basics of prosthesis and orthopaedics. A person whom you friend's son
might be interested in contacting is Dr. Robert Sah (sah@bioeng.ucsd.edu).
He's one of the professors who works in that area...

Jonathan M. Sorger
9519 La Jolla Shores Dr.
U.C. San Diego, Bioengineering
La Jolla, CA 92037
(619) 552-9240
From: Ed Lemaire

The other two Canadian schools are in Toronto at George Brown College
and in Vancouver (I can't remember the institution). These days, most
people have completed a university degree before applying to the school
(many in Kinesiology/Human Kinetics or engineering). If you don't have a
degree, practical experience in the field would be a definite asset. These are
not degree programs; however, you need the diploma to enter the internship
section and then complete your certification exams. Some other good
programs are Northwestern U. (Chicago) and U. of
Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland).

Edward Lemaire
The Rehabilitation Centre
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
613-737-7350 x5592
From: Gregory Paul Ernst

I believe University of Washington in Seattle has a program in O & P, but I
may be wrong.--
Gregory P. Ernst, PT gpe5c@curry.edschool.virginia.edu
Doctoral student gpe5c@virginia.edu
Sports Medicine
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
(804) 979-4543
From: Peter Meyer

My personal opinion is that a program in orthotics may prove to be too
specified when the student begins to look for a job. He might consider a
career in Biomedical or Biomechanical Engineering. With a varied
engineering backgorund, he should be able to pursue his current career
goals while maintaining a good deal of flexibility. It is very rare that anyone
can choose a career in high school that will suit them as a college graduate.

Peter F. Meyer
NeuroMuscular Research Center (617) 353-5718 Office
Boston Univerity (617) 353-9633 Lab
44 Cummington Street (617) 783-5360 Home
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From: Richard Trenholm

I am a graduate student at McMaster University in Hamilton,
Ontario. I am pursuing the same route that your son is looking at. The only
program that I know of is at George Brown College in Toronto.
Unfortunately, he would need an undergraduate degree (preferrably in
Kinesiology or Engineering) to get in. I have come to understand that its
program is one of the best in the country. If you would like more
information, I would highly recommend you talk to a Mr. Dan Bloka at the
college. He was my professor at the University of Guelph for the P&O
course there. He is very approachable and has the tendancy to write down
the names of individuals who give the extra effort to contact him personally.
Best of luck, and if I can be of anymore help please do not hesitate to get
back to me at this address.

Richard Trenholm, BSc (H.K.)
From: D.Radford@latrobe.edu.au (Donald Radford)

I realise Australia probably hasn't been included in list of potential places
of education for orthotics and prosthetics. However, our three and a half year
Bachelor degree course is very well regarded. If interested, we can send
more information, or visit our 'home page' at

Mr Don Radford
Senior Lecturer
National Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics
School of Human Biosciences, Faculty of Health Sciences
607 Swanston Street, Locked Bag 12
TEL: 61 3 9285 5311 FAX: 61 3 9285 5184 EMAIL: d.radford@latrobe.edu.au
From: WWSCPO@aol.com

The best suggestion I have is to have your friend write our National Office
in Alexandria, V.A. They should be able to provide complete listings of all
schools and their curriculums. All of our organizations are housed there;
American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics ( the
practioner and facility credentialing body ), the American Orthotic and
Prosthetic Association ( the trade organization ), the American Academy of
Orthotists and Prosthetists ( the continuing education organization ), and
the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education ( the
credentialing of curriculum and residency programs organization ). Robin
Seabrook, of N.C.O.P.E. might be the person to direct correspondence. Her
address is: Orthotic and Prosthetic National Office
1650 King Street Suite 500
Alexandria, Va. 22314
Attn: Robin Seabrook, N.C.O.P.E.

Their combined telephone number is 703-836-7114.
From: Abigail Stocks

I understand that Northwestern University, located just north of
Chicago (I believe), has a very good orthotics and prosthetics program,
although I think it is only at the master's or post-bac level. I know someone
who is going there next year, so I will try to get a contact for you.

Abigail Stocks
From: Prosthetics Research Study

If you know someone with access to the American Board for Certification in
Orthotics & Prosthetics - Registry and Reference Guide, you will find a
listing of School names and adresses as well as points of contact on page
303. There are currently programs offered at:
California State University, CA
Northeast Metro Technical College, MN
Northwestern Univ. Medical School, IL
Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, CA
Spokane Falls Community College, WA
University of Texas, TX
University of Washington, WA
Newington Certificate Program, CT

Some offer Bachelor of Science Degrees, others offer Certificate programs
for Practitioners and or Technicians. I hope this helps some.

Dave Mathews CP
Prosthetics Research Study
720 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: (206) 328-3116
FAX: (206) 325-3607
e-mail: prs@u.washington.edu
Web Page: http://weber.u.washington.edu/~prs/
From: "Kevin Arthur Ball"

George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario offers a well-regarded program in
P & O. The School is located at SunnyBrook Hospital on Bayview Ave. in
Toronto. I believe the program only accepts students who have already
completed a University undergraduate degree. There are actually two
programs offered, a 1 year Technical Diploma and a 2 year Clinical Diploma.

Their number is (416) 480-4262.

Kevin Arthur Ball, B.P.H.E., M.Sc.
Director, Biomechanics Laboratory
Sport Medicine / Biomechanics Group
School of Physical and Health Education
University of Toronto
320 Huron St.
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1

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From: Rob Scherer

If this message does not come too late, I would suggest looking into George
Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. They have an exceptional P&O program
that affiliates with several hospitals in and around Toronto including
Chedoke Hospital in Hamilton as a learning center.

The man to contact would be Dan Blocka who runs the program at George

I know of several excellent Prosthetists and Orthotists that have graduated
from this program.

Rob Scherer, M.Sc.
DePuy Orthopedics