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Dr. Fabian E. Pollo
12-05-1996, 03:01 AM
Hello Bio-Netters:

First of all, I have changed positions from Baylor College of Medicine in
Houston to Baylor Univerity Medical Center in Dallas. My new address, phone
numbers and e-mail are listed below.

Secondly, is anyone aware of a comercial device which will measure the six
degrees-of-freedom of a joint. For example the knee joint. Is there a
product that you can strap across the knee and it give you the 3 axes of
rotation and the translationx about those axes, simultaneously. I am talking
about for live humans during various activities (walking, stair climbing,
jogging, etc.) I am aware of the 3-D magnetic trackers and the instrumented
spatial likage devices. But software needs to be written to make the
rotations and translations make sense for the jont coordinate system. Before
I waste my time writing the software for one of these 3-dimensional systems,
I want to make sure that there is nothing already out there which is
comercially available.

Thank you and Seasons Greetings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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