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08-14-1991, 12:48 AM
Oxford Conference Announcement and Call for Papers
ENGINEERING "Micro-movement in Orthopaedics"
Centre at
The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and St John's College, Oxford
Thursday and Friday, 9th and 10th April 1992

This meeting will identify the fine structural changes of the musculo-
skeletal system in response to mechanical and biological influences,
explore their clinical implications, and evaluate new and existing methods
for their measurement. Specific topics to be included are fracture repair
and prosthetic joint replacement.
Full registration includes Proceedings, dinner and accommodation at
St John's College on Wednesday and Thursday 8th and 9th April, transport,
lunches, and conference banquet for #275. A discount of 25% on registration
fees will be given to those submitting full written papers, which will be
refereed by the panel of chairmen for subsequent publication in book form.

Chairmen: Mr Mike Freeman, Prof Allen Goodship, Prof Rik Huiskes,
Mr John Kenwright, Prof Lance Lanyon, Prof Edward Little, Prof RAB Mollan,
Prof Malcolm Pope, Prof Eric Radin, Dr Leif Ryd, Prof Peter Walker.

Abstract (up to 300 words) due by 31st Oct '91.
Further information from:

Micro-Movement 92 Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre,
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Headington, OXFORD OX3 7LD
tel +44 865 227541 fax +44 865 742348