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unknown user
08-14-1991, 06:25 AM
To all Biomch-l'ers:

Greetings from Arizona, where we haven't had a day over 45 deg C yet this
summer (last summer we hit 50 deg!). We have installed a new local area PC
network in our department, and I am changing all my e-mail over to it so I
do not have to log onto the VAX anymore to read my messages. I have changed
my address on Biomch-L, but for those who want to send me a personal message,
I would prefer that you do n o t send it to my previous Bitnet address, but
rather send it to my new (Internet) address listed below:


You may note from the information at the top of this message that my "official"
address is longer (with "%pebe%espe" after my name). This is optional as the
LAN can locate me from my name alone.

Let me also take this opportunity to plug the American Society of Biomechanics
meeting that we are hosting here in October which is the best time of year to
be in Phoenix. I hope to see many of you there. In the mean time, drop me
a note on email.

Take care,

Richard N. Hinrichs, Ph.D.
Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-0404
Office: (602) 965-1624
FAX: (602) 965-8108
e-mail: Rick=Hinrichs@espe1.la.asu.edu