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=c5sa Hedberg
12-18-1996, 07:58 PM
Questions for Mac Reflex and AutoGait users. Our lab has been using the Mac=
Reflex motion analysis system and is looking to use AutoGait for research=20
with arthritic children. Our concern is the accuracy of marker placement=20
especially with the Thigh Maker Wand and the Shank Marker Wand in measuring=
rotations. Wouldn=92t there be errors because of excessive vibrations of the=
marker and wand? Has anyone overcome this problem? Is the small calibration=
grid adequate for full body motion or are errors outside the volume=20
substantial thereby warranting a larger calibration volume? Has anyone=20
validated the accuracy of AutoGait or are there papers regarding its=20
accuracy? Is AutoGait adequate for research applications or restricted to=
clinical applications? As we are the only institution in Sweden to use this=
system it has been difficult in obtaining other perspectives regarding this=
package. Therefore we feel it necessary to pose these questions to other Mac=
Reflex users via BIOMCH-L. I will be glad to post a summary of references or=
comments. Thanks.

Eva Hedengren
Karolinska Institute
St Goran's Hospital

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