View Full Version : NEED OF DEC PDP-11/34!

Alan R Morris
12-24-1996, 12:35 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers:

To all those closet PDP-11 microcomputer users (that is users that have
PDP-11 those in their closets!). We are in need of a PDP-11/34A backplane
as the one we rely on to collect our motion analysis data is not in order.
We are hoping that someone in the Biomechanics community may have one they
are no longer using and would be willing to part with. If you or anyone you
know in other departments are in this situation, we would be interested
in discussing a price.

Holiday greetings and best regards,

Alan Morris
Research Engineer - Gait Laboratory
Bloorview MacMillan Centre
350 Rumsey Road
Toronto, Ontario
Tel (416) 425-6220 x3508
Fax (416) 425-1634
email morrisa@ecf.utoronto.ca