View Full Version : correlation between psychological & motion control

Svetlana O.haslavskaya
12-24-1996, 01:20 AM
Hello & happy New Year!

The field of our research work lies in finding correlation
between motor control of a person & his mental abilities &
particularities, features of character & current mood. The idea is in
testing a person with one of well-known clinical psychological tests, &
then with a posturographic (kinesiologic) test.
What does it mean if a person deviate to the right or left on a direct
route while
walking? If this occurs due to some features of character or the current
Which are changes of motor control when a person have some
disease (for example, alcoholism, inner or mental disease ) & could we
with only a posturographic test identify a concrete disease?

If anybody investigate the same & could help me, please reply me.

Any references to published articles in this area would be appreciated.

Thank you for attention,
Happy holidays,