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Thomas Daxner
12-27-1996, 02:36 AM
Dear Biomch-l members !!

First of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year !

Furthermore I want to ask whether somebody has any data related
to the INTERNAL series-elastic element in the context of Hills
muscle model. Of course I am NOT referring to tendons, which are
sufficiently covered in literature indeed, but to the hypothetical
internal elastic element Hill and many others use in their models.

The reason for this enquiry is that I have implemented an Hill-based
muscle model in the context of a 3D model of the knee and the muscles
spanning it and thought it wise to include an internal series-elastic
element along with the contractile, parallel and tendon element:

{-- SE ---- CE --}
O-- TENDON --{ }--O
{------ PE ------}

Having successfully formulated the differential equation, I started
to implement stiffness, force-length and force-velocity expressions
based on the available literature.
It was then (after having read a LOT of papers and books) that I
found out that there is little to none information about INTERNAL
series-elastic elements, and I already regretted having included
one in my model, when the thought that maybe you can help me
crossed my mind !

So if anybody has length and/or stiffness data of Hills internal
series-elastic element in leg muscles, I would beg her/him to
answer this call for help !
Thanks in advance,

Thomas DAXNER,
TU-Vienna, Austria.

Email: tdaxner@mch1srv.tuwien.ac.at