View Full Version : Assistive devices for MS patients

Peter Meyer
12-28-1996, 10:39 AM
Over the holidays, I had a discussion with a friend who has recently
been confined to a wheelchair due to Multiple Sclerosis. I am writing to
see if anyone is aware of a source or relatively inexpensive devices or
designs that might make her everyday living more comfortable. In
particular, she is unable to roll over in bed, and must be turned
aproximately 10 times a night causing excruciating pain. She also finds it
difficult to use the stove, since her chair sits so low. She cannot afford
an expensive new chair, which would most likely be very difficult to
manuver in her small house anyway.In the absence of any better ideas, I am
attempting to design an air-bladder type device that will allow her to
change positions in bed without any sudden movements, I expect it will be
controlled by valves that she can operate with minimal effort.

Please let me know if you can suggest any ideas or sources of
information. Happy Holidays!

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