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Leonard G. Caillouet
12-29-1996, 03:43 AM
Earlier this year I asked for volunteers to evaluate a series of EMG traces
and act as "experts" in the determination of burst onset and cessation. Ten
of you who responded completed the evaluations and returned the files to me
for processing. The evaluation of the data is in largely complete but I
would feel much more confident if I had more individuals participating. If
any of you would still like to participate please contact me at either of
the addresses below. Those of you who did participate will be receiving a
detailed description of your own analysis as well as the results of the
investigation, after all data has been collected. Thank you for your patience.

The evaluation should take less than an hour and is performed on any IBM
compatible microcomputer. Individuals with all levels of experience with
EMG are needed. Of course, all participation is completely confidential.
This is an opportunity to find out how your own subjective evaluation of
EMGs compares to other experts. The results will be used to evaluate the
validity of computer algorithms used to identify onset and cessation of
muscle activity from surface EMGs.

Also, if any of you still have the disks or files that I sent out with the
programs and data, do not hesitate to copy and distribute them to others who
might want to participate.

Thanks and best wishes for a great new year to all,

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