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01-06-1997, 06:09 AM
Dear Colleagues,

This is a first information on the 1998 Symposium of the International
Society of Biomechanics in Sports. The ISBS Symposium will be held at the
University of Konstanz (Germany) from July 21 to 25, 1998. The topics of
discussion will include the theory, experiment, and praxis of all major
branches of sports biomechanics.
If you like to be informed and updated on the topics, call for papers,
registering, etc. please visit our home page:
At the moment it contains the basic data on this symposium and offers a
facility to add onto our mailing list.
>From spring 1997 onwards it will give more information on the symposium and
the venue. Later on it will provide the internet facilities for
registration, room reservation, and the means for sending the abstract and
full paper.

Our Symposiums address is as follows:

ISBS'98 Secretariat
Department of Sports Science, Lehrstuhl Riehle
P.O.Box 5560 D30
78434 Konstanz / Germany

Fax.: +49-7531-884221

Tel.: +49-7531-883565

Email: isbs98@uni-konstanz.de

Manfred Vieten
ISBS'98 Organizing committee

Dr. Manfred Vieten, University of Konstanz, FG Sportwissenschaft
P.O.Box 5560 D30, 78434 Konstanz, Germany
Tel.: +49-7531-88-3565, Fax.: +49-7531-88-3026
E-Mail: Manfred.Vieten@uni-konstanz.de