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Thomas M. Greiner, Ph.d.
01-06-1997, 07:18 AM
Greetings and Happy New Year to All,

I just received product information about the 6D-Research System from
Skill Techologies, Inc. According to their flier:

"6D-Research system tracks, quantifies, displays and documents
true 3D motion of the human body. It is an accurate 6 degree-
of-freedom (6DOF) system that captures and dynamically displays
motion using 3D solid models and parameter graphs, in real-time."

Does anyone out there have experience with this, or a similar, system.
Beyond the hype of the company's flier, I would like to know if this
system will really live up to its claims.

If people respond to my address, I will post a summary to the list.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Greiner

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