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Peter Axelson
01-06-1997, 12:41 PM
Shirley Kristensen contacted me with the request below. If you have any
information that might be helpful, please contact her directly since she
does not have access to this list. I will post a summary of the responses
for her.

-Denise Chesney
Beneficial Designs, Inc.

>From: Shirl9000@aol.com
>Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 19:22:44 -0500
>To: pax@netcom.com
>Subject: anthropometry request
>Anthropology Research Project, Inc. is conducting a study for the Access
>Board with regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act to determine if the
>specifications for wheelchair users require updating. We are in the process
>of developing an annotated bibliography concerning anthropometric data on
>body size, reach capability and range of motion of the disabled, particularly
>wheelchair users. We are interested in sources of published information,
>literature, in-house studies, etc. that have the anthropometric information,
>especially with respect to architectural standards. We would appreciate any
>data, data sources, information or references that you might be aware of in
>this area and that we might use. If abstracts are available and include the
>pertinent measurements, it would be particularly helpful as the journals are
>not always readily available. If there is a cost involved, please let us
>We will also be interested in input concerning areas where you could use
>anthropometric data and find it lacking. Leave an address and we will
>contact you or send a questionnaire. Thank you,
>Shirley Kristensen, Research Assistant
>Phone:(937)767-7226 Fax: (937)767-9350 e-mail: Shirl9000@aol.com