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Dang, Thang D.
01-08-1997, 05:53 AM
After much repeated discussion and explanation, we have decided to change
the original job annoucement for a post-doctoral position to a Research
Engineer. This been changed on the posting seen below. I apologize for any
misunderstanding that this may have caused. Please feel free to contact me
with further questions.


Tom Dang
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FULL-TIME Research Engineer Position

Dear Readers,

The National Rehabilitation Hospital's Assistive Technology/ Rehabilitation
Engineering Program has a full-time research engineer position available for
a qualified person interested in exploring promising technologies that can
be transferred from military and space agencies to civilian use that will
benefit persons with disabilities.

The Assistive Technology Research Center (ATRC) at NRH is the result of a
four-year grant from the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materials Command of
which two years funding remain. The primary goal of the ATRC is to identify
promising military and aerospace technologies that may have application to
rehabilitation medicine and improve the lives of persons with disabilities,
and to perform research that will help facilitate the transfer of that
technology into the private sector.

Current ATRC projects include: 1) quantification of 3D human movement, in
particular gait and balance, 2) applications of virtual reality in
rehabilitation medicine, 3) biomechanical analyses of orthoses, 4)
development of a portable evaluation system, 5) development and application
of new biomechanical sensors, and 6) development of new designs of orthosis
for different patient populations. In addition, the candidate will also
have to the opportunity to explore, initiate and develop other research
projects for the ATRC.

Qualifications include a PhD degree in bioengineering, mechanical,
biomedical, or electrical enigneering. Two or more years of experience in
applications of rehabilitation technology preferred. The applicant should
also have research experience and will be expected to assist in producing
and submitting research articles for publication; assist in preparing and
presenting scientific papers at conferences; and assist in developing grants
for possible external funding. Salary commensurate with qualifications and


Interested applicants should forward curriculum vitae to:

Tom Dang, Senior Clinical Research Engineer
Assisitve Technology/Rehabilitation Engineering Program
National Rehabilitation Hospital
102 Irving Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20010-2949

phone: 202.877.1498
TDD: 202.726.3996
fax: 202.723.0628
E-mail: tdd1@mhg.edu