View Full Version : "postural control vs movement control"

Victoria Haehl
01-08-1997, 08:20 AM
I am hoping to gain some insight into what (if any) is the difference
between postural control and movement control.

I have a difficult time believing that a dichotomy really exists. There
is movement control and coordination of the head, trunk, and pelvis. But
these segments are involved in movements, they are not fixed (the goal is
not always stability but coordination). There is some orientation towards
vertical, a tendency to keep our center of mass within our base of
support, and orientation of segments with respect to the task, but is that
a separate system. Aren't these the goals of most movements not just
postural control?

I would appreciate any opinions, references, ideas you may have on this
Thank you!

Victoria Haehl
Indiana University
Department of Kinesiology
HPER Bldg. Room 112
Bloomington, IN 47405