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Lisa Marie Hopkins
01-09-1997, 02:03 AM
Hi! I'm a masters student at the University of Delaware. I am trying
to create a 3-D solid model of the human nasal cavity. Using CT scan
data, I need to create a 3-D computer model which I could convert to an
STL (sterio-lithography) file. The STL file would be compatible with
our rapid-prototyping machine which I would then use to create the
solid model. I created a rough model using I-DEAS Master Series
modeling software. But, the model needs to be perfect since it will be
used for flow experimentation. I've heard that there is software which
easily converts CT scan images into 3-D computer models which can then
be manipulated for research purposes. If anyone knows of this software or
of a company which does this, please let me know. Thanks for your help.

Lisa Hopkins
University of Delaware