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Lisa Marie Hopkins
01-09-1997, 03:27 AM
Thanks for all of the replies I received earlier today about 3-D modeling.
The information was really helpful.

I have one more question for today. I will be graduating in July with a
masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. I directed my research towards
biomechanics, more specifically respiration, and have taken a few
biomechanics courses at this university. I've just begun the job
search. But I'm having trouble finding companies other than hospitals
that do work in the area of biomechanics. My best hope for a job is with
a company dealing with respiration issues, but I'm also interested in
companies who design prosthetics or surgical instruments or who work with
circulation problems, etc. I'm interested in all areas of biomechanics
so I don't plan to be picky when it comes to applying to companies. If
anyone has any recommendations or could direct me to a good source of
biomechanics companies, I would really appreciate the information.

Thanks again for your help,

Lisa Hopkins
University of Delaware