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Herman J. Woltring
08-26-1991, 03:46 PM
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1991 08:53:25 EST
From: Eleanor Cicinsky
Subject: Funding Watch, crossposted from:


Education Department - Rehabilitation Research. Deadline: Oct. 5, 1991. Call:
202/732-1141. National Institute on Disability and Rehab Research will fund
field initiated research, rehab research fellowships and innovative projects
to test, develop, demonstrate and disseminate new ideas, techniques, curricula
and devices to aid individuals with disabilities. $2.5 million is available
for about 20 field-initiated research projects, $400K for about 10 rehab
research fellowships and $450K for 15 innovation grants.

Esther and Joseph Klingenstein Fund: Fellowships in Neurosciences: Deadline:
10/15/91. Call 212/492-6181. Supports young investigators in the early
stages of their careers who are engaged in basic or clinical resarch that may
lead to better understanding of the etiology, treatment and prevention of
epilepsy. Emphasis on molecular and cellular levels. Fund encourages work
in systems neuroscience, focusing on the integrative function of the nervous
system. $100K is payable over 3 years.

J.M. Foundation. No Deadline. Call 212/687-7735 - Chris Olander. Fields of
interest: Rehab of people with disabilities; prevention and wellness, with
emphasis on individual responsibility for health; health related public policy
research; alcohol and other drug dependencies; and selected projects in bio-
medical research and medical education. Grants range from $5K to over $100K
with the average being $15-$25K.