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Lisa Marie Hopkins
01-09-1997, 04:14 AM
A couple people inquired about the information I received about 3-D
modeling companies. I responded to one of the companies in the following
replies called Cyberform. They said they can easily create the model I



The software you are looking for is made by Minesota Data Metrics of I
believe St. Paul. The software is called Image Volumes and is capable of
the type of accuacy you wish to achieve, and is capable of Stereo
Lithographic output files. Furthermore a Company called Dynamic Computer
Resources of San Dimas Calf. has just put out a system of both hardware and
software (including both Image Volumes and Ideas) Which generates 3-D
models from CT and MRI data, converts the data set into an IGES data set
and give the user the ability to generate true accurate CAD models from the
CT and MRI data. Check out their Web page, www.dcr.com (I think). Both
Reagan Kee and Rick Ingram of DCR will be happy to help.

Take Care,

Micah Forstein M.S.
Motion Lab Engineer
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles