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Lisa Marie Hopkins
01-10-1997, 02:59 AM
A couple days ago I sent out a message requesting advice on finding
biomechanics companies to send my resume to. These are the responses
I've received so far:

There are a couple resources, although not specific to biomechanics, that
you may want to check out. The first is a printed directory of biomedical
device manufacturers, which I believe is called the Medical Device
The second resource is an extensive list of biomedical companies which is
available on-line at:

I think the Purdue University chapter of the Biomedical Engineering
Society has a listing of a couple hundred companies related
to the field. Let me know if you find anything thing else, I'll
be graduating with a Master's in a year and a half.
Good Luck!

Your best guide to medical cos. in this region is from the directory of
of the Pgh High Tech Council. They have their members all segmented by
and very good descriptions. They are at 412 687-5200. They may have
directory on the web. This might work:


The second shot is a database called "Marketplace". Has 14 million
on CD ROM. I'm sure you would find it in a lib. Very quick searches to
cos. by SIC code.

I would suggest getting a copy of the latest American Society of
Biomechanics membership directory, and looking for companies which have
members. These companies are likely to do biomechanics-related work.

A few companies I know of:

Intermedics Orthopedics (Austin, TX) - orthopedic implants
Failure Analysis Associates (Menlo Park, CA) - engineering consultants
Virtual Technologies (Palo Alto, CA) - movement analysis
Johnson & Johnson Orthopedics (Boston, MA) - orthopedic implants
Running shoe companies (most have research labs)
General Motors (MI) - biomechanical crash impact studies

Check out the subsidiaries of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. They make all
sorts of good stuff. Annual reports from large companies often have
information on their startup ventures and current research products.

Good Luck!