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Pat Costigan
01-15-1997, 10:02 AM
Hi Leonard,

I agree with Sandy that Pascal is easier transition from FORTRAN than C
or C++. It is also easier to lean and simpler to debug. If you are going
to do any programming in Windows the I would highly recommend Delphi. It
is based on Pascal and has some object-oriented language extensions. It
is easy to create a nice looking interface using built-in objects such
as windows, button and menus. IMHO, you can create a more usable program
in Delphi than in Turbo Pascal. Borland offers student pricing for most
of their products that is very reasonable. Version 2 of Delphi is for
Windows 95 and these programs can only run under Windows 3.1 using the
Win32 libraries.

Pat Costigan