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Carter J. Kerk
01-16-1997, 12:41 AM
NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center in Ergonomics
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3133 USA
January 16, 1997


Fellow BIOMCH-L Members:

I wish to invite you to participate in a survey. My name is Carter Kerk
and I am the Associate Director of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative
Research in Ergonomics at Texas A&M University.

Important Note: This survey is completely voluntary and completely
confidential! It may take between 15 and 60 minutes depending on your
computer usage pattern.

If you use a laptop computer on a regular basis as part of your normal job
activities, we would like to have you in our survey. If you know of others
who use laptops, please pass this information along to them also. Our
goals are to identify potential injury/illness risk factors and to develop
appropriate interventions to make the use of laptop computers healthier and
safer to the mobile computing community.

The survey has been developed to acquire information on user demographics,
usage patterns, and general health status. A more detailed health survey
is provided for those individuals who have experienced some pain or
discomfort recently. The general laptop usage survey takes approximately
15 to 30 minutes to complete. The detailed health survey may require an
additional 15 to 30 minutes.

Surveys are available in three formats. Please pick the option most
convenient for you.

1) Log in to our web page at http://trinity.tamu.edu/~ergocent/
Look for the Mobile Computing / Laptop Questionnaire. Fill out the
survey and submit according to the instructions.

2) Complete the survey on a computer disk (3.5" IBM format only)
Just send me a message at kerk@acs.tamu.edu or contact me by phone or
fax. I will send you as many disks as you need at your location, each with
a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. (These disks may not be copied because
of coding and hidden files. I will send you as many as you need.)

3) Complete the survey in the paper form
Just contact me and I will send as many paper copies as you need, each
with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

The diskettes, paper copies, and further information about the survey can
be obtained by contacting me. Your participation and support is much
appreciated. Thanks!


Dr. Carter J. Kerk
Assistant Professor & Associate Director
Phone: (409) 862-4149
Fax: (409) 845-6443
Email: kerk@acs.tamu.edu