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Kathy Ludwig
01-17-1997, 03:46 AM



The postmarked deadline for oral and poster abstracts is March 5, 1997.
Notification of acceptance will be March 28, 1997 and the final papers are due
on May 2, 1997. Authors of all oral and poster presentations are asked to
submit a one page camera-ready abstract on paper and on computer disk. Each
computer disk should be identified by the type and version of word processor
software in addition to the author's name and affiliation. Most word processing
software types are acceptable. If you have questions regarding your word
processor software, write or e-mail the conference chairperson (address
provided below).
Authors may submit their abstracts electronically by e-mail.
If the abstract is electronically submitted, a computer disk with abstract must
still be mailed by the deadline for inclusion in the book of abstracts. Please
submit, either by mail or electronically, 2 copies of the abstract with one
identifying the author(s) and affiliation(s) and one with this information
deleted. Each abstract will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee members and
each author will be notified about acceptance on or before March 28, 1997. Upon
acceptance, the abstract will be published in the Symposium Abstract Book.


The one page abstract should provide sufficient information for readers to
assess the purpose(s), methods, results, conclusions, and references of the
research. Each submission must be work that has not been published previously.
The abstract should be printed on white paper if mailed. The abstract should be
one page with 1 inch margins around the border except the left hand side which
should be 1 1/2 inches. The minimal font size should be 11.

Organize the HEADING of the abstract in one column. This HEADING includes the
title, the authors names and affiliations (institution, city, country). The
first line should be TITLE in bold CAPITAL letters, maximum of two lines. One
line must be skipped between the title and the names with affiliation. Use
author's first name and initials of middle name preceding the author's surname.
The name of the presenting author should be underlined. In case of different
affiliations, use the same superscript number in the author's name
and corresponding affiliation.

Organize the text in one column under the HEADING. One line must be skipped
between the successive sections of the text and use CAPITAL letters in each
section title. Skip space between section title and the corresponding section
text. Examples of appropriate sections (but not limited to) might be

Please indicate in a cover letter your preference for oral or poster
presentation. In addition, indicate whether you wish to be considered for the
New Investigator Award. The criteria for the New Investigator Award includes
not more than two years post degree, must be the first author and must
personally present an oral presentation. The award includes a memorial plaque
and reimbursement of pre-paid registration fees. More information on the New
Investigator Award will be included in the mailing to those who have sent reply
notice to the first mailing.

If you did not receive a first mailing of information about the 1997 ISBS
conference, e-mail a request to the address below. If you have any
questions about this call for papers, write or e-mail to the following

Dr. Jerry Wilkerson e-mail: F_Wilkerson@venus.twu.edu
Texas Woman's University
Department of Kinesiology
PO Box 425647
Denton, TX 76204-5647