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Randy Schmitz
01-17-1997, 07:15 AM

I'm currently designing a project that is to look at the decline of power
production of the quadriceps following a fatigue protocol. The post test
will be a dynamic knee extension performed on an isotonic dynamometer. My
question to the forum is can I obtain spectral EMG data from the quads on a
contraction that will generally take less that 1 second? I've seen several
studies that have measured spectral alterations in a dynamic contraction of
the muscle, although these contractions were of a longer duration. (Muro et
al, Amer. J. Physical Med. 1982 & Moritani et al, Amer. J. Physical Med.
1988) 2 and 5 sec dynamic contractions respectively.

I know I can obtain the data, but is it a valid measurement?

As usual replies will be posted.

Thanks in advance,

Randy J. Schmitz
Ph.D. student in Sports Medicine
University of Virginia
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