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01-17-1997, 09:29 AM

Post-doctoral position funded for three years in bone biomechanics.
Responsibilities include: creating and running finite element models,
assisting with mechanical testing laboratory and developing your own
research interests. A degree in mechanical engineering or
bioengineering is preferred.

The position is in the Biomechanics Section of the Breech Research
Laboratory. The laboratory has six PhD investigators and (currently)
three post-doctoral fellows. The faculty include a biochemist, cell
biologist, anatomist, exercise physiologist and two mechanical
engineers. Facilities include: mechanical testing facility (2 Instron
machines), electronics and machine shop (full time technical help for
each), biochemistry laboratory, cell culture laboratory, computational
facility (SUN Ultra 2, 2170 with 1 GB of RAM), microcomputed tomography
system (10 micrometer resolution), scanning electron microscope
facility, confocal microscope, histology laboratory with full optical
microscope facility, motion analysis (gait) laboratory with biplanar
1000 hz x-ray system certified for research use on human subjects.

The Breech Research Laboratory of the Bone and Joint Center is part of
the Case Western University/Henry Ford Health Sciences Center.

Please send a CV and a list of three references to:

David P. Fyhrie, Ph.D.
Head, Section of Biomechanics
Breech Research Laboratory
Bone and Joint Center, E&R 2015
Henry Ford Hospital
2799 W. Grand Blvd
Detroit, MI 48202

PLEASE NOTE: I will be at the ORS meeting in San Francisco Feb 9-13,
1997 and will have time for a few pre-arranged meetings.

David P. Fyhrie, Ph.D.

Bone and Joint Center (313)876-7572 (voice)
Henry Ford Hospital (313)876-8064 (fax)
2799 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48202 USA