View Full Version : Int'l Sympo 3D : The sequel 1993

Aissaoui Rachid
08-29-1991, 05:39 AM
Dear Biomch-l readers,

The International Symposium on 3d Analysis of Human Movement (Montreal 91)
was a success. About a 120 participants from 13 countries spanned over 4
continents have contributed and attended this meeting. Many have manifested
an interest for another meeting of this kind. Until I can pass "the bucket"
to someone else, I am willing to act as an interim secretary (Dec 1991).

Some participants have already volunteered to take part in the organization
of the next meeting, presumably Summer of 93. Anyone interested in joining
the ranks can communicate with me by e-mail (Aissaoui@ere.UMontreal.Ca),
telephone +1(514)345-4740 or fax +1(514)345-4801.

Here are the positions that are open as well as some proposed candidatures
for them:

- Chairperson Herman Woltring (NL)
- Data Capture
- 3D kinematics
- Joint Modelling
- Muscle Modelling
- 3D representation
- Applications Morris Duhaime (CAN)

- Chairperson

- Chairperson

- Chairperson

Although it was not intended to make a profit at this meeting, it appears
that I will have about 1,000 USD to put up for the next Symposium.

Should this announcement be of any interest please communicate with me.

Sincery yours,

Paul Allard, Ph.D., P.Eng.