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David H. Chasey
01-18-1997, 03:14 AM
My name is David Chasey. I am not a health care professional. I am a
46-year-old with moderate oral facial skeletal deformities who, in the past
(beginning in childhood), experienced a muscle and nerve disturbance within,
upon and around these moderate skeletal deformities. I have a very moderate
hyperplastic mandible and a hypoplastic maxilla within the extreme range of
the normal. I have written two studies on the muscle/nerve condition, "Oral
Disruption Syndrome" and "Holistic Responses to the Oral Disruption
Syndrome." I have received diagnostic confirmation of the self-diagnostic
content of the first study, "Oral Disruption Syndrome." I experienced what
I believe to be a set of "signs and symptoms" that arose around this past
muscle and nerve condition. Included with this set of "signs and symptoms"
was a pattern of holistic responses that I believe to be unique to this
particular variation of oral facial muscle/nerve disturbance.

I am forming a research panel to evaluate both of my studies for their
scientific validity. I am interested in the participation of pediatric and
craniofacial experts in this research panel. I wish to have rigorously
tested the ideas I present in the studies. An aim of the research panel is
to further develop and refine ideas on the subject. I hope eventually be
able to present a study of my case (independently or in collaboration with
specialists) that meets the standards of journalistic publication for the
medical, holistic and psychological communities.

The Oral Disruption Syndrome studies are in Adobe Acrobat electronic format
(PDF) and can be downloaded from my web page.
A Forward to the two studies also appears at my web site in HTML format.
This Forward and is not password protected and can be easily read and reviewed.
The ODS Acrobat document is password protected.
PASSWORD: ods2tron
NOTE: Your web browser will likely copy the downloaded file into a TEMP
(temporary) directory. To keep the file from being eventually erased you
will have to copy the PDF file out of the TEMP directory.

IN CLOSING: I am also interested in receiving any and all feedback on this
subject that you can provide. I am particularly interested in finding out
what is known about the type of condition I experienced and what is written
about it from the holistic and psychological perspective. I am interested
in finding sources of information. I stress this last point: I need to find
out sources of information. I know little about this oral facial subject,
other than the thinking I have managed to apply to the phenomena of my own
case. Most of the feedback I have received is contained in the ODS Acrobat


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