View Full Version : Dramatic developments in Belgium

Dan Daly
01-27-1997, 12:34 AM
The Flemish Minister of Education decided last week (without any
consultation), to withdraw the four year Physiotherapy Education Programme
from the Universities (a program which existed for decades).
At the same time another four year programme will be set up in Institutions
without any link with the Universities, nor with the Faculties of Medicine
where the scientific research takes place. Given the dramatic nature of
this irrational decision, we ask the international community to react
strongly to support the continuation of a Physiotherapy training programme
at University level in Belgium.

We would highly appreciate your support in this matter. Please take one
minute to send us your reaction in a one line statement to the following
e-mail address.


Prof. W. De Weerdt
Chairman Departement of Rehabilitation Science
Catholic University of Leuven