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Alfred Zommers
01-27-1997, 01:18 AM
Hi all,

A recent message posted on Biomch-L may have caused confusion amongst
some of you out there.

http://www.sportscience.org (Cybersport E-zine)is produced by the Ariel
Corporation and is not to be confused with http://www.sportsci.org
(Internet Society for Sport Science) run by a group of volunteers
recruited mainly from the Sportscience EMAIL list.
Bye for now,
Sportscience web site: http://www.sportsci.org
also soon.. http://www.det.bhtafe.edu.au
alternate email: A.Zommers@bhtafe.edu.au
Alfred Zommers
Department of Human Movement, Recreation and Performance
Victoria University
PO Box 14428 MCMC, Melbourne, Victoria 8001, Australia