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Steve Vankoski
01-27-1997, 04:28 AM
Dear Colleague,

Please share the enclosed job opportunity with anyone you feel would be a
successful candidate for the present opening. The Children=92s Memorial
Hospital Gait Analysis Laboratory in Chicago, IL has an opening for a full
time kinesiologist or physical therapist with experience in biomechanics.
This is an excellent opportunity to join a very active clinical laboratory
dedicated to the analysis pathological gait patterns of pediatric patients
with musculoskeletal or neurological impairment. We are also quite active
in clinical research and educational activities related to pathological and
normal gait. We have a experienced gait analysis team and are very proud of
our clinical and research efforts. Since we are hosting the North American
Society of Gait and Clincal Movement Analysis (NASGMA) from April 9-12 in
Chicago, we feel that this will be an excellent opportunity to meet with
candidates who are attending the meeting, particularly for students planning
to graduate this spring.

I welcome you contact me if I can provide additional information concerning
this position.=20
Thank you.

Steve Vankoski

Kinesiologist/Physical Therapist=20

Gait Analysis Laboratory, Department of Orthopaedics
Children=92s Memorial Medical Center, Chicago, IL

General Summary of Position Responsibility

Individual will perform clinical gait analysis evaluations which include
data collection, interpretation of patient data and report generation.
He/She will facilitate and support all aspects of clinical research projects
related to the analysis of normal and pathological gait patterns. He/She
will engage in all laboratory educational efforts which include
instructional lectures, resident inservices and clinical tutorials.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
=B7 Prepares and evaluates patients according to established protocols,
physician prescriptions, and clinic notes.
=B7 Collects electromyographic, kinetic, kinematic and foot pressure data.
=B7 Performs initial interpretation of patient data.=20
=B7 Confers with physical therapist regarding the physical examination and
observational gait analysis.
=B7 Reviews patient data with physician and gait analysis team to determine
treatment recommendations. Prepares final report incorporating information
form all sources.=20
=B7 Dictates, edits and ensures proper distribution of clinical reports.
=B7 Implements and assists with research projects. Compiles research data=
reports results in the form of conference abstracts, podium and poster
presentations and scientific journal submissions.
=B7 Troubleshoots computer and equipment problems and patient data for=
in collection and processing prior to review of data. Arrange for repairs
when necessary.
=B7 Explains procedures to the patient and families. Address questions from
parents, physicians, insurance companies and hospital staff. Assists
manager with precertification of benefits with third party payors as needed.
=B7 Prepares inservices and lectures for medical students, residents,=
fellows, physicians, physical therapists, engineers, other rehabilitation
clinicians. Participates in the organization and instruction of courses
offered by the gait lab.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology or Physical Therapy with strong
background in biomechanics. Experience working with children with
neuromuscular disabilities and the treatment approaches available for these
patients is highly desired. Other requirements include previous exposure to
the techniques involved in kinematic, kinetic and electromyographic data
collection, the interpretation of pathological and normal gait analysis data
and ability to effectively communicate with laboratory staff, physicians and
research project investigators. Computer literacy including ability to work
in Windows environment is required. Ability to assist/lift weighing 5 to 120
lbs. (or more with assistance) up onto or down from examination table and/or
physically assist subjects to and from starting location.

Interested individuals should contact:

Stephen Vankoski, MS
Gait Analysis Laboratory
Children=92s Memorial Hospital, Box #92
Chicago, IL 60614

telephone: (773) 880-4248
fax: (773) 871-0556
e-mail: svankoski@nwu.edu =09