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Steven Vogel
01-30-1997, 05:06 AM
(Missed earlier postings; if no one mentioned it, the extant data
divides between wood-on-trees and commercial boards, etc.)

I did a little work on the subject a few years ago, looking at the
ratio of flexural to torsional stiffness, which meant that I measured
some E's and G's. The data apply to lengths of tree-trunks tested
within an hour of cutting - in short, to nature's normal stuff.

See Vogel, S. (1995) Twist-to-Bend ratios of woody structures. J.
Exp. Bot. 46: 981-85.

On commercial wood, the best thing I know of is a compendium...

Bodig, J. and BA Jayne (1982) Mechanics of wood and wood composites.
NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.