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D Ferris
01-30-1997, 10:06 AM
In the information packet for the 1997 annual ASB meeting, there is
a page describing the various awards that will be presented at the meeting.
One award, the Borelli Award, is intended to honor a biomechanics
investigator for their career accomplishments. In recent years, this
prestigious award has been given to prominent biomechanical engineers such
as Albert Schultz at the University of Michigan and Wilson Hayes at the
Beth Israel Hospital. As I was thinking about who might be a good
candidate for the 1997 award, I realized that I did not know who had won in
past years. Is there a list of all of the past Borelli award winners? I
checked the ASB home page and Biomechanics World Wide and could not find
one. Is there also a list of past winners of the other awards, the Pre-
and Post-Doctoral young scientist awards? It might be interesting to see
who had won these awards and where their careers have taken them.


dan ferris

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