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02-02-1997, 10:00 PM
I am looking for a POSTDOC who would like to join our team for 1.5 years,
beginning april 1st, 1997 (or later). Candidates without doctor degree may also
be considered.
The position may be renewed. The work and also this position is financed by the
Swiss National Science Foundation.
GOAL OF PROJECT: to investigate hand function in normal human subjects and in
selected neurological patients with impaired hand function.
APPROACHES: 1) Investigation of time structure in a "naturalistic" drawer-pull
task, in particular in a bimanual pull-and-grasp task. 2) Assessment of
proactive and reactive grip force adjustments to intervening load pulse
perturbations. 3) Central perturbations by means of transcranial magnetic
stimulation. 4) assessment of coordination of gaze and hand movements in a
drawer step-tracking task.
Parallel to these studies, we also investigate, with a miniaturized drawer
RESONANCE IMAGING, in collaboration with Neuroradiology.
The candidate should have experience with data acquisition (sc/zoom program from
Physiology in Umea) and with statistical treatment of data, graphic
representation etc (Sigmaplot, Corel Draw and other PC software).
The salaries are commensurate with those of the State of Bern for PhD or MD
levels. Interested Candidates with a Biology, Egineering, Psyychology,
Physiology, Sportsphysiology, or Medical background are invited for contacting
me for further informations, literature etc.. Reference letters are welcome.
Interested? I am looking forward to your response and CV which should reach me
as soon as possible.

Neurologische Universitaetsklinik
Laboratory of Motor Systems
Inselspital BHH-M130
CH-3010 Bern, Switzerland
Tel. +41 +31 632 30 50
FAX +41 +31 632 96 79
e-mail: wim@insel.unibe.ch