View Full Version : Hylamer

Richard G. Hunter
02-03-1997, 01:32 AM
I am interested in learning about the chemical/physical properties of
Hylamer. What makes it different from UHMWPE. My interest arises from
an injury of a friend caused by a hip replacement containing this
material. It appears there was a rapid deterioration of this bearing
material. This could be caused by a dimensional mismatch (the
manufacturer had such problems during the period of manufacturer of this
hip), by improper formulation and preparation of the material, including
radiation (gamma)treatment during sterilization, or some unknown factor
or factors. I am specifically interested in the following areas: (1)
the chemical/physical characteristics of Hylamer, (2) Hylamer's wear
properties within acetabular cups of varying materials (i.e., will the
flex properties of the backing material tend to distort the Hylamer
interface at the cup and the femoral head, and (3) the frequency of
rapid wear (failure) in Hylamer prostheses (hip or knee).