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D Ferris
02-03-1997, 11:59 AM
A topic of recent interest has been the difference between the
maximum force generating capacity of a muscle group and the measure of a
maximum voluntary contraction (MVC). Enoka and Fuglevand (1992) discuss
several lines of evidence which support a difference, including neural
adaptations with training, neural insufficiency, and neural
supplementation. More recently, Winter (1996) states that "because of the
inhibitory feedback from the Golgi tendon organs it is virtually impossible
to recruit all motor units at their maximum firing rates."

My question is this, have there been any studies directly examining
the role of Golgi tendon organ inhibition on either muscle activation or
force production during an MVC? I have tried database searches and
reference searches from reviews (Jami, 1992) without much luck.


Enoka, R.M. and A.J. Fuglevand (1992) Neuromuscular basis of the maximum
voluntary force capacity of muscle. In: Current Issues in Biomechanics
(ed. Mark Grabiner), pp. 215-235.

Jami, L. (1992) Golgi tendon organs in mammalian skeletal muscle:
functional properties and central actions. Physiol. Rev. 72:623-666.

Winter, D. (1996) EMG interpretation. In: Electromyography in Ergonomics
(ed. S Kumar and A. Mital), pp. 109-125.

Thanks for your help.


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