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Ton Van Den Bogert
02-04-1997, 05:02 AM
Biomch-L subscribers,

The recent posting by Virgil Stokes was not inappropriate, since
the attached file was relatively short. In fact, attachments
that are larger than a certain limit will be rejected
automatically by LISTSERV. I'm not sure what this limit is (I
think 100 kB). For sure, a 50 MB file will *never* be
distributed through Biomch-L.

The preferred format for Biomch-L mail is still straight ASCII
text, because everybody can read that. So always try to avoid
attachments that are system-specific, such as PDF, Word,
Wordperfect, postscript etc. In this case however, there may
have been some equations that could not be done in ASCII. And
PDF viewers can be obtained from Adobe for free, so in principle
everybody could read the file.

I can understand Lonni Friedman's reaction. Some Biomch-L
subscribers have to download their mail by modem before they can
read it. And it's very frustrating to wait for half an hour and
then find out that the material was not interesting.

So try to keep your postings short. A summary should not just be
a compilation of all messages received, but a true summary: a
list of respondents with the essential information they provided,
and a general conclusion.

Biomch-L can only be successful if we exercise some
self-discipline. If the signal-to-noise ratio becomes too low,
we will lose our most valued subscribers and contributors.

Finally: remember the DIGEST and INDEX options of LISTSERV to
reduce the volume of mail received from Biomch-L. See the
monthly mini-faq for details.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator